What is ‘elemental' society?
It is society that originates in the inside, from the character of individuals,
based on care, understanding, beauty and love,
the institutions which produce this,
whatever we must to do build those institutions,
and a vision of what this actually means.


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Elemental Holidays
New celebrations and events to nourish our capacity for love, beauty, and truth. For example, The Great No.

We can reclaim the institutions which diminish our humanity, but this depends on our capacity to perceive transcendental qualities in static forms. This state of mind will naturally produce a corresponding state of society.

Some of these visions are feasible now, and some involve a challenge worthy of our unlimited potential. We don’t have to re-invent each institution, but we must reformulate the orientation: from coercion to cooperation, from specialization to participation, and from bureaucracy to humanity.


reflections on elemental society

Reformulation of Institutions: Building the world we envision
Vitality: Bringing social institutions to life through inwardness
Implicity: The full range of our interconnections is healing


the process of understanding
Institutions of Industrial Society

How can we take an existing institution – which is the fossilized form of insights and compassion – and revitalize it?

What are the functions of a city?
Pursuit of jobs or learning about humanity?
Health care
Invasive curing or healing of the whole person?

Solving conflicts by force or resolving them at their core?
Criminal justice system

Humanity, morality & spirit. T he Internet & genetic engineering.
Legal system

Potential news articles on these themes


the process of understanding
What is the nature of Industrial & Elemental Society?

Industrial & elemental society
What is materialism?

How can we revitalize democracy? Instead of policy, control, and power, inspiration and humanity, bringing institutions to life.

What has lasting value? Instead of scarcity and consumerism, the seeking of real wealth, true riches, and quality.

What public standards degrade and debilitate? What nourishes and cultivates what is best and truest in us? Instead of the regime of the crude and hard-heartedness, understanding and love.


Reformulation of Institutions

Are profound relationships possible only among handfuls of like-minded people? Can these exist in our private lives only, among family and friends, leaving out all the rest? Or is love possible in whole communities?

What would the institutions of daily life look like if they were not self-centered, superficial, and transient? What if they were founded on the expression of our whole selves and the deepest realization of our potential?

The humble must unite, because greed is merciless. When the power-hungry achieve power, gentler personalities retreat. Isolated, humility and integrity cannot survive. But working actively and jointly in the public realm they have an insuperable efficacy.

Let’s envision a Society of Care, founded on humility, understanding, and love – not narrow love, not institutional wisdom, and not bureaucratic peace. Let’s create a Culture of Understanding, in which aggression is contained, not through force, law, or custom, but naturally and spontaneously because we are in the process of living into being a world that is the expression of our integrated personalities.

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We are complicit in problems, but we are implicit in the total range of the ramifications of our existence. Implicity is the actual fabric of relationships that interconnect us.

Implicity involves the entire process in which we interact, including the way what we produce and consume affects our humanity.

Understanding implicity requires that the whole range of the ‘functions’ of a human being – such as imagination, vision, thought and feeling – are addressed. All these influences produce the social, moral and spiritual climate in which we live. This climate is the air we breathe: the subtle but tangible environment that lifts us or flattens us, that stimulates joy or fear, that engages us in active, creative life, or distracts us and satiates us with tepid amusements. It sets limits for the depth, quality, and meaning of our life in society.

There is a sadness that is spreading over us. The hidden influences on everyday life are often pernicious. A multitude of oppressive influences, of degrading or destructive cultural objects, are continually being presented to us.

It is as if we were gasping for oxygen. Without sufficient richness in the concealed yet crucial origins of our life we begin to suffocate.

A stitch is broken, a sleeve is torn. A thread is hanging loose. We must mend our complicity and sew our implicity. The purpose should not be only to remove what is injurious, but to weave a world in which every part is made with care: where no one prospers by making another suffer, where the small and hidden origins of everything that impacts us – though the cause is far away and unknowable – is beneficial.
This great interaction of events, of one caring, insightful creation on top of another, could produce beauty that is unimaginable to us now. Implicity is complicity in the good. It heals fractured relationships, and produces spiritual joy.

Implicity is also an alternative to political action: instead of turning to structures, we assume the full scope of action we actually have that 'lives into being' the world we envision. It is the means and method of bringing the spiritual reality we comprehend into life in society.


Vitality: Bringing social institutions to life

Our potential remains mysterious. How much room exists for spiritual joy, for creative work that makes a significant difference in daily life, for daily life that challenges our souls?

The key factor in vitality is that society is produced through inner and not outer means. Events must originate and terminate in actual concern and care for the subject. We must be the one who acts, with integrity and without any pretense or subterfuge. It is truly and fully utilizing our potential by expressing our own true nature. This determines the reality of our social existence.

Vitality in society is a result of vitality in self. Desire is founded in self-interest, but passion for life itself originates in a comprehension of the beauty, power, and meaning of existence. This can only be achieved through a transmutation of the narrowly-focused self. Vitality arises from connection to a transcendent reality, and this produces cosmic passion – spiritual joy and action.